Medical Office Management

Medical practice automation

Formstack simplifies medical office management so you can be more productive and meet patient needs.

Stay agile and efficient

In today's world, managing an efficient medical office isn't easy. Shifting priorities and government regulations often get in the way. With Formstack, you can create simple to complex medical office workflow that keep your team agile while still meeting HIPAA requirements.

Master medical office management

With our easy-to-use medical practice automation tools, you’ll save time, cut costs, and improve patient satisfaction.
Paperless data collection
Paperless data collection

Shift to mobile-friendly healthcare forms to reduce manual data entry and save hundreds of hours each month.

Automated document creation
Automated document creation

Automatically populate records, agreements, and other documents with data and deliver them to staff and patients from form information, your CRM and more.

Quick eSignature collection
Quick eSignature collection

Let patients and staff electronically sign documents from anywhere on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Paperless data collection
HIPAA compliance

Our forms, documents, and eSignatures are HIPAA-friendly so you can collect and manage patient data safely.

Secure data sharing
Secure data sharing

Safely share information across people and departments with intuitive logic and routing tools.

Back-office support
Back-office support

Simplify behind-the-scenes operations like inventory management, invoicing, medical claims, and credentialing.

5 easy ways to master medical office management


Eliminate paper forms

How often is your office staff swimming in stacks of paper forms? Printing, completing, scanning, faxing, mailing, and shredding forms takes away important time from your staff. Using this outdated, inefficient, and labor-intensive process to collect, store, and transfer data limits your organization's productivity and profitability. Shift to electronic healthcare forms to simplify your medical office management and save hundreds of hours each month. Streamline processes like patient onboarding, prescription refills, appointment bookings, patient check-in, and more!


Automate medical office workflows

To run a medical office efficiently, you need to minimize bottlenecks and repetitive tasks. This can be accomplished by creating automated workflows that ensure requests are routed to the correct people and approved in a timely manner. From insurance verification to patient billing, any multi-step, repetitive process can be automated to relieve your staff of paper chases, drawn-out processes, and long email threads. It's simple to assign sections of your workflow to different team members depending on what you want them to review, edit, or approve.

Pro Tip: Get a head start by using premade healthcare form templates to kick off your workflows.


Go mobile

Please office staff and patients alike by modernizing how you do business. Use mobile-friendly forms to allow patients to provide their information from any device at any time before their appointment. Improve the check-in process by setting up a tablet at the front desk to easily capture patient information. Skip the pen and paper by accepting digital signatures on important documents. Collecting eSignatures is a simple, secure, and fast way to streamline patient check-in and check-out.


Integrate your products

Managing information can be difficult if your software and tools don't work well together. Transfer data quickly, securely, and automatically to the tools you use every day. Reduce paper and manual data entry by connecting your medical forms to your favorite apps in just minutes. Send healthcare information to your CRM, create polished PDF, digital documents for your office, manage patient appointments, and much more.


Quickly connect with patients

Communicating quickly and consistently with patients is key to long-term retention. Improve response times and relieve your staff from piles of paperwork by digitizing the way you connect with patients. Make patient follow-up easy by using an automated system to send important updates and information, like appointment scheduling, information update requests, and patient satisfaction surveys. To keep patients engaged, try sending targeted newsletters to patients who are due for annual physical exams, have chronic conditions, or are considered high-risk.

Pro Tip: Send surveys within 24 hours of an appointment to see higher conversion rates.  


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